Thursday, January 14, 2010

Have Music? We'll Travel!

Have Music? We'll travel!
The Portland Field Recording Project
01/11/10, Portland, OR

Have music? We'll Travel. The basic premise of the project follows in the tradition of Alan Lomax's famous field recordings. The project approaches local musicians to capture their art in its creative environment. Whether it's in an actual field, a porch, or a Max Tunnel, there are no limitations to the possibilities of where this project will go. The project is grassroots in scope. Therefore they have garnered interest through the typical public forums, Craigslist, open mic nights, and word of mouth. First up on the schedule of recording is the 11th Annual Portland Old-Time Music Gathering ( Though the focus of the project, at the moment, is on folk music, it is by no means confined to this. As long as the music is original it will be considered for recording. They are right now compiling a list of musicians and they want you to be a part of it.
773.490.0640 - Kory Quinn
503.449.0040 - Jacob The William

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