Tuesday, February 23, 2010


"We dance and we sing". Stephen blows his harmonica and sings a raspy blues. "If you come out here you'll see your pain, and you'll never go back the same." He has just recently picked up the piano and everything we heard this session was fresh. And that last line simply captures what we heard from this enigmatic character. He makes up words, cryptic but phoenetic. He challenges the ear with quick progressions of lyrics and chords. His passion, evident. His voice, powerful. His songs, demanding. His presence, commanding. Stephen has much to say about everything. He attributes most of it to his biggest influence, Phil. His songs by being completely devoted to the craft of the moment, do not dwell too long. This is in spite of the fact he throws himself wholeheartedly into each and every one. He drags through several unfinished, unpolished, raw, but truthful songs. "Call Out Myself", "Mikajistgit" and "This Life" each bring something wholly different to the table. It is hard to categorize under just one word what we heard that day. Stephen is well versed and well rounded in his themes and execution. It is plain he does a lot of thinking, but its seems he does even more writing. This was made clear by the pile of numerous little black composition books heaped next to the piano. During the session Stephen was quick to the task of explaining his inspiration, the mechanations of true self.

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